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About KHP Budapest - briefly

We, at KHP Budapest believe that marketing is a collection of useful tools with which we can serve our customers’ business needs in a creative and cost effective manner.

We deliver solutions to the arising problems, and we obligate not only to producing a flyer, designing a web page or an advertisement, organizing a press conference or event, but to pulling all these together into a successful marketing campaign. We recommend a creative, proactive, diverse and cost effective program, which helps achieve your goals. Our view is always complex, let it be a small job or a whole campaign.

While consulting, we try to get to know the company thoroughly (past and future plans, structure, strategies, products, target groups, messages… etc.) and prepare a specific, accomplishable program. If necessary we help identify the target group, message and tools, work out creative ideas, and focus on the result. We coordinate the whole process: we ensure that everything is ready in time and of good quality by using professional experts, collaborators, vendors and methods.

Every once in a while you might need a few extra ideas, a helping hand or someone with manifold experience whether you have an internal marketing specialist or not. We can fit in your team as an outside consultant. From our wide range of services we find the tools that suite your goals and budget and offer you a tailor made, overall solution using trustful methods. The elements of our well adjusted marketing campaigns affirm one another thus helping you achieve your business goals. Almost as a member of your staff we participate in your marketing activities from start to finish.

Key elements of our services are:

  • Marketing
    • Marketing consultancy
    • Copywriting, text editing
    • Press Relations
    • Give-aways
    • Event organization
    • Coporate newsletters
    • Exhibition
  • Design
    • Graphic design, editing
    • Corporate identity
    • Logo
    • Newsletter editing
    • Company and product brochures
    • Posters
    • Prepress and managing
  • Web
    • Web design and programming
    • On-line direct mail and banner
    • On-line newsletter
    • E-invitation and greeting card
    • E-identity

Please see examples of our further works on the Hungarian pages and our contact details HERE and a full reference list HERE.


Communication is high priority to a multinational company. Being local does not only mean making business in a country, but identifying oneself with the country’s reality, problems, pleasures and culture. Our company’s monthly newsletter serves this purpose. The importance of this item requires professional partners and KHP took good care of this for us.
Marketing Director, HP Magyarország

From the launch of Haszon Magazin KHP has performed many different kinds of jobs form small routine tasks to overall graphic and art consulting. The company’s flexibility (that can be best characterized by mass amounts of late night coffee consumption), the quick response of their team and their ingenious solutions make them one of the best companies in their field. We can simply say: they are fun to work with!
Editor-in-Chief, Haszon Magazin

It is a comfortable feeling to have a firm like KHP backing up Euronet’s marketing and PR activities. As we have quite an extensive product mix, we need to design, implement and follow up a large number of marketing related events. The market requires us to make decisions and act fast. KHP are a team of top grade experts, who often think and act for us. We particularly appreciate their reliability as we could simply entrust all our marketing duties on them. They also turned out top quality and very accurate work arranging events jointly with our foreign partners. Our relationship with KHP generates
profit for us.
Tibor SAS,
Marketing and Commercial Director, Euronet Rt.

When I don’t have any ideas, they give me, when I do, they make it become reality. We have been working together on printed materials for ages.
Last year they convinced me that we need a website. I tried to resist, but in the end I had to admit that they were right, it was worth all the work.
Managing Director, Ab&le Jasco Magyarország



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